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The Peace Dealer

REPLAY: Monthly Peace Report (Cancer Season 2021): Feeling Your Super Powers

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Join The Peace Dealer for a most important Monthly Peace Report as he will detail the Cancer Season transit of 2021. Upon purchase you will receive an instant download of the private webinar link you can access the live event at 5pm PST on the 24th of June. You will be able to access the replay through the link at any time. 

You have spent your entire life preparing for this character defining period. This is definitely the 28 day cycle that you feel into your supernatural abilities and power. This requires you face the culminative challenges that have tested your character as an awakening individual. Can you handle the unexpected drama with new unexpected characters surfacing around you? Are you prepared for the boss battle of a lifetime coming near the end of the transit? Are you prepared to begin integration process of new abilities coming into Virgo season? Make sure you access this webinar to be prepared properly. 

The Peace Dealer will break down the relevant transits as well as detail how it will influence you based on your Sun, Rising, and even Moon sign. This Cancer season features a season long Uranus sextile to Taurus, a trine to Neptune, square to Chiron, quincunx to Saturn, and the dreaded opposition to Pluto. We will also see the fated conjunction of Mars and Venus in Leo! What does all this mean and why is it ENTIRELY relevant to the next 6 months of your life? Find out now!

We will also be featuring two incredible guests New Age Ja and The Crystal Colorist who will share tarot insights and wisdom about how you can best harness the energies of this Cancer season transit. If you are ready for a substance filled webinar about Cancer Season 2021 then claim your seat!