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The Peace Dealer

Monthly Peace Report (Sagittarius Season 2021): Blast Off

$ 24.99 USD

Join us on the 4th of December at 5pm PST for a most important Monthly Peace Report where The Peace Dealer will reveal the nature of ascension the collective is ready to experience during Sagittarius season of 2021. As we end the year an entire decades worth of evolution and growth has now led us to a crucial moment in our collective where we all see into the vision of where we are all headed. Are you prepared to blast off into uncharted territory?

The Sun will be squaring Neptune which will challenge how well we can see through illusions and beyond what we know to be true. The sextile to Jupiter will expand us into the further reaches of space as we evolve the knowledge of the working philosophy around our characters and where we are headed together. The Quincunx to Uranus will challenge how unconventially we will manifest new behaviors relative to this ascension in perspective. During the Monthly Peace Report The Peace Dealer will break down all of these aspects as well as how it will affect your Sun and Rising sign!

Once you purchase this event you will receive an unlisted YouTube video link to watch live or to access the replay after the live event. This is definitely a Report you don't want to miss as it will prepare you for the next year ahead and adjust your perception to decide what steps to take coming into 2022. See you on the other side!