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The Peace Dealer

Monthly Peace Report (Scorpio Season 2021): Road To Apotheosis

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Join us for a purely psychological realization of who you are being prepared to ascend into as The Peace Dealer breaks down the astrological mechanics and transits for Scorpio Season 2021. After a long year of having Saturn and Jupiter transit Aquarius, we have expanded and mastered a higher understanding of knowledge in our lives and how it influences the collective narratives being told to us. Virgo season exposed inconsistencies in said narratives based on facts analyzed. Scorpio season will take those facts and reveal secrets and wisdom that will expose more of what has been hidden from us all. Are you prepared for what ground breaking insight will be exposed?

The Sun in Scorpio will be squaring Saturn and Jupiter revealing wisdom based on the knowledge and narratives that have been established and evolved all of 2021. It will also be making a trine to Neptune in Pisces which will reveal a higher perspective of the intuitive wisdom that at a social collective level will bring much insight from out of this world. Can you handle the depth of what will be revealed and are you ready for the development of psychic ability that will bring? The Sun will also be opposite Uranus in Taurus making this one of the most unpredictable and unconventional seasons all year. Are you prepared for what unseen opportunities will manifest in your partnerships out of nowhere? Find out all of this in this webinar!

In this webinar The Peace Dealer will highlight the key significant transits happening during Scorpio Season 2021 and how it will influence your Sun and/or Rising sign. You will gain detailed analysis of how to navigate these transits and how to perceive them relative to your life for maximum application moving forward during this season. Once you order this you will receive the unlisted video link to view this webinar. See you on the other side!