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Exclusive Monthly Personal Astrologer (3 days a week with me)

$ 5,000.00 USD
Time Period

Join me in a truly mystical journey of epic proportions where you gain the most value from all my gifts. When you book your session with me we will correspond with each other 3 days out of the week of your choosing and speak for 60 minutes about any questions you may have as well as to gain insight on how to utilize these astrological energies to align more with your highest will and purpose. Every full moon we do rituals to release energy and every new moon we will set intentions to manifest the energy in your life in the best of ways. This interactive service allows me to focus specifically on your zodiac chart and interpret how the transits of the planets affect you. You will also get the following from me once you order this:

  • Weekly Astrology Reports
  • Weekly Intuitive Readings

Below is the schedule of what we will do on the following days each week. Times and dates will be coordinated after you order. For those who purchase more than one month just know that we will revisit each report each month to get an insight on how this next month applies to the lesson of each of those reports to give you a great understanding of your progress upon multiple layers:

Week 1:
Day 1 - Solar Return Reading
Day 2 - Lunar Return Reading
Day 3 - Astrological Transit Forecast

Week 2:
Day 1 - New and Full Moon Reading
Day 2 - Secondary Progressed Reading
Day 3 - Saturn Return Reading

Week 3:
Day 1 - Lunar Node Destiny Reading
Day 2 - Super Power Reading
Day 3 - Cosmic Commanding

Week 4:
Day 1 - House Ruler Role Call
Day 2 - Cosmic Energy Tune Up
Day 3 - Personal Consultation 


Ordering this service is a decision on your part to take Astrology more seriously than just reading horoscopes and gaining weekly influences. I really do work one on one with you to make sure you not only understand these energies but also help you to utilize these energies real time in a personal way that truly empowers you. If you are ready for the life change you may or may not have been seeking, press the 'Add to Cart' button and we will develop a significant relationship together where we both interact with the cosmos and the Divine.

PS. I only have 10 seats available for each time period. If you find that the time period you want is sold out shoot me an email and I will let you know if I can still accommodate you and fit you in my schedule so that we can make it happen. You can receive partial refunds if you decide that you no longer wish to continue at monthly intervals however there are no refunds for the 1 Month service. You also can choose the exact day you would like to start.