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The Peace Dealer

Romance Tarot and Oracle Report

$ 100.00 USD

THIS IS A RECORDED REPORT NOT A LIVE CONSULTATION! The Peace Dealer will record up to 15 minutes of a romance tarot and oracle card reading focused on romantic love influences. In this reading he will pull a 10 Card Celtic Spread, 3 Romance Oracle Cards, and tarot card to signify the archetype of your most relevant romantic soulmate. This report will illuminate important factors to help you gain the right clarity on your love life! You will schedule the time I will record and email you this report. NO REFUNDS ONCE REPORT IS DELIVERED!10 card spread, 3 romance oracle cars, 1 soul mate signifier card


Please make sure to enter your time, place, and date of birth in the notes.

You must schedule services ONE AT A TIME as if you choose more than one you will not be given choice to choose a date. However you can choose a date for a service if you want more than one just make sure to add to cart one at a time instead of adding the quantity. If you aren't able to then go ahead with the order and email me after to schedule with me manually.