• Astrology + Tarot LOVE Reading (LIVE or RECORDED)

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  • Description

    Mike will look into your astrology chart (Natal and Progressed and explain how each of your planets and house placements react, behave, attract, approach, desire psychologicaly, phsyically and deep down in your soul and explain how this manifests in your love life.

    Mike will help you understand specific patterns that present themselves and how to move forward when stuck and live your life expressing love daily. If you are searching to learn how you cope in love, and how to handle stressful situations in a way that works specifically for you, designed uniquely through your birthchart in order to live a healthy lifestyle that expresses your personal truth, this reading is for you.

    Mike will also pull tarot and oracle cards to help channel messages for you to help you immediately regarding your personal current situation and create a small love ceremony that you can do for yourself to help bring in and keep love in your life.

    LIVE on Skype / Recorded


    Once you receive your report or have had your reading there are no refunds!

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