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The Peace Dealer

Career and Finance Tarot Card Report (10 Card Tarot Spread)

$ 30.00 USD

Figure out your finances!

How is your relationship with money?

How to make more and have it flow easier into your life?

We all have the power within to manifest abundance, we all need a check in with financial advisers at times. Think of this as your spiritual wealth check-in, regardless of your current financial situations!

What works for one, may not work for another; and some people can manifest abundance easily although some have a harder time. Some are late bloomers, with preconceived notions about money and expect things to BE a certain way, but that is not the case

In this special 10 card Tarot Spread, The Peace Dealer will help you understand and deal with your current financial situation, examining your subconscious connection to money, what you need to do immediately, what you need to stop doing, and guide you how to un-program the way you feel and think about money in order to manifest your finances in a fruitful and abundant manner. Start manifesting wealth, your way, now!


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