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The Peace Dealer

Monthly Peace Report (Gemini Season 2022): True Epiphany

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Join The Peace Dealer Saturday the 28th of May as he once again breaks down the cosmic mechanics of the Gemini Season transit during 2022 which will once and for all take 12 years of evolution since 2010 and work to completely evolve your understanding of what everything you have gone through your entire life actually is. Before you see what it all means Sagittarius season you will be enlightened to what it all is and coming into Virgo season how it all fits into your real lifestyle. The epiphanies that you come into every single day of this transit will not only change your mind forever but redirect the processing of your brain to align with knowledge that will take you to the next level of consciousness.

The Peace Dealer will explain how the relevant transits of the season not only play out this narrative but also where you play into this and how. We will look at how these transits affect each of the zodiac signs and personally for you how it will affect you based on your Sun and Rising signs. Once you order this webinar you will receive a pdf including the presentation I will be presenting which includes a link to the live video event where we will throw this Monthly Peace Report.