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The Peace Dealer

Monthly Peace Report (Libra Season 2022): The Final Balance

$ 24.99 USD

As we as a collective prepares to break through into a new world order this Libra season steps us into the 6 month road into the end of the world. The final square of Pluto before it enters Aquarius will require a level of authenticity in how you express your character that you may have never exhibited. How will you step into your true character? Are you ready for the challenges that will arise as you break through the entire collective?

Join The Peace Dealer live on YouTube on October 1st, 2022 5pm PST where he will break down the transits during Libra Season. Upon purchase you will receive a PDF of the webinar with the link to the webinar (or replay) in the PDF. You will gain crucial insight about how this transit will effect you based on your sun and/or rising sign as well as how properly to perceive these events to facilitate breakthrough. The information in this webinar is timeless and can be listened to no matter when you purchase!