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The Peace Dealer

Monthly Peace Report (Aries Season 2022): Self Transcendence

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With Jupiter finishing up in Pisces during this Aries season we all finally get one more look into how we have grown the past 12 years before Jupiter returns to Aries 2023 with the Sun in Aries. In that sense this season we are making obsolete old ways of identifying with ourselves. Join The Peace Dealer this Saturday live at 5pm PST on the 26th as he resumes his Monthly Peace Report series detailing how this transit and season will effectively transcend your sense of self into the next level preparing you for the most important eclipse in Taurus season!

The Peace Dealer will uncover and break down relevant transits such as Jupiter and its conjunction to Neptune and of course Mars and Venus connecting with Saturn through Aquarius. These aspects will show how the connections we are making with our tribe align with who we are becoming. How will you be able to navigate through the square Uranus makes to Saturn in Aquarius and what can you expect with the chiron conjunction to the Sun in Aries? Find out when you join us this weekend!You will receive a link to view the webinar and after you will have the link so you can watch the replay as well. 

Michael Nnebe, Jr. a.k.a The Peace Dealer