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The Peace Dealer

Monthly Peace Report (Taurus Season 2022): The Promised Land

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After such a considerably powerful Aries season through the portal of Pisces and the actions on the battlefield needed to develop our characters we have finally made it to the promised land! As we step into the turn of the century if not millennium, we step into an eclipse chapter that will manifest all the change we have facilitated over the past two years. Are you ready to manifest your greatest self?

The Peace Dealer will uncover and break down relevant transits such as Jupiter and its entrance into Aries as well as the iconic nodal eclipse that will shape the nature of what value you will not only be manifesting but how you will go on to harvest these seeds by the next eclipse in Scorpio season. He will break down how these transits will also affect your Sun and Rising signs to give you detailed insight into what to expect moving forward.
Join The Peace Dealer this Saturday live at 5pm PST on the 23rd of April as he resumes his Monthly Peace Report series detailing how this transit and season will effectively step into your greatest self and set you into the next frontier of manifestation!