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The Peace Dealer

Love, Relationship, Twin Flame Tarot Card Spread Report

$ 30.00 USD

Wondering about the future of your relationship and if it can go the distance?

Concerned if your feelings towards your crush, partner or spouse are reciprocated?

Need guidance to get to the hidden realities of the situation and how to handle it?

Time for your TWIN FLAME / RELATIONSHIP READING with the Peace Dealer

This reading is ideal for those in relationships that are just starting out, hitting a dry patch or rough phase, or a general relationship reading if you feel stuck or unsure of where the relationship is heading.

Need to make a DECISION? This is a PERFECT reading to gather needed insight!

Save yourself time worrying and wondering how to solve your intimate issues with another and receive in this relationship reading the proper tools needed to fully understand your partner, how to better communicate, the state of your relationship, the underlying issues, where your relationship is headed, the outcome, and what you can do to possibly change the outcome! Order now! RECORDED VERSION of this service available only!

The Peace Dealer will pull 8 cards, focusing on the relationship at hand to interpret the reflection of the partner's soul. There will also be 1 Love Oracle Card drawn to provide emphasis on what should be the main focus in order to establish greater harmony in your significant relationships. 



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