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The Peace Dealer

Virgo Season 2021: Integrating Supernatural Mastery

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You have spent the past 5 months individualizing your character and preparing the stage for extraordinary mastery. Now at last comes the time to finally integrate everything you have newly activated and manifested since the beginning of this year. Practice makes perfect and now you are as you read this manifesting real change in your life that will set the tone for the rest of the decade! Join The Peace Dealer in a riveting and informative webinar where he breaks down exactly how you will integrate supernatural mastery in your life!

In this webinar you will gain detailed insight into what challenges and lessons this Virgo season will have you face. He will go break down relevant transits we will expect to experience and show how each of them will affect you based on your Sun and Rising sign. The purpose of integrating this supernatural level of mastery is to prepare us for subsequent seasons where we will have to bridge this mastery with other relationships in our life. Will you be able to handle the deceptive opposition of Neptune this season and analyze through the fog of rhetoric? Will you gain the most of the Uranus and Pluto trines that will open up the opportunity to breakthrough financially? Will you be able to navigate the transformation of narratives around you with the quincunx the Sun will be making to Saturn and Jupiter? Find out all this and more during out webinar on September 6th, 2021 at 5pm PST!

We will also be featuring two guest speakers Hood Mystic and Majestic Magi! Hood Mystic will be deconstructing the decans in Virgo and Majestic Magi will share her wisdom on possession and dealing with spirits. When you purchase this you will immediately gain an unlisted YouTube link that you can use to access the webinar. 
Michael Nnebe, Jr. a.k.a The Peace Dealer
Professional Astrologer