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My progressed chart reading with Michael was nothing short of legendary, insightful, relevant and continuously unfolding. I just finished listening to it again today and I am so thankful and grateful. All of the clarity I gained and the potential clarity that I am gaining from that reading speaks volumes even after 2 years. Thank you Mike, you are a great one brother and I appreciate you for your service and dedication to the people! - Claude


The best Astro teacher out there! His readings are on point and no joke his channeled messages are straight up true and apply every time! I trust his messages and his services are worth every cent! I highly recommend Mike aka the Peace Dealer to anyone and everyone! If it were not for finding him years ago now during my dark night of the soul I don’t think I would have ever made it out! Love you Mike thanks for all you do! - Desirae


Michael is my spiritual weatherman. His weekly interpretations are channeled from a divine source in my experience. His content is not just incredibly insightful it's also hilarious and down to earth. He's my go-to spiritual teacher. - Jessie


Im so supremely blessed to have finally experienced a live astrological consultation with the one and only Peace Dealer! He truly is exceptionally gifted and warning: speaking with Michael WILL cause miracles to occur within your being, and life! Besides being the top astrologer gifted to mankind, he also really knows how to speak from the depths of his heart to assist you in the most divinely way possible. If your considering purchasing a session with this heavenly man, do not I REPEAT do not hesitate!! - Sydney