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Get direct access to our team of mystic advisors when you need them most with our convenient pay-per-call service, we are always here for you!

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Pay Per Call

Stay connected to The Peace Dealer's wisdom, anytime, anywhere. 

With The Peace Dealer's pay-per-call service, you have direct access to our mystic advisors. Whether you seek a quick answer or a deeper exploration, our team is here to support you by providing guidance and clarity whenever you need it the most. 

Experience the convenience and receive on demand insights and next level guidance, in the comfort of your own home.


The Peace Dealer

The Peace Dealer is a cosmic counselor specializing in AstroPsychology, manifestation, magic, tarot, and being the shaman of mystical experiences that empower you to manifest the life of your dreams. A true master of the mystical arts, he is here to guide you on your transformative journey. With over 10 years of experience and profound wisdom, The Peace Dealer has helped thousands of individuals manifest their desires, unlock their superpowers, and break free from societal limitations.

To get into contact with The Peace Dealer himself, please select extension 23.


Mysti Cali

Cali is a cancer stellium, and uses her unique sensitivities to connect to the realms beyond for the greater good of all. She has been mastering tarot and oracle readings for over 3 years, and communicates with guardian angels to provide clarity and insight for whatever lies ahead for you! When she isn’t helping people tap into their own spirituality, she’s helping people channel their creativity into the cosmetology industry and helping students find their passions.

If you’d like to get a reading from Cali, please select extension 1113 to find out what your guides have in store for you!


 Magestic Magi  

Majestic Magi is a multigenerational Psychic Medium. Divine direct connection, and pure channel. Available to serve all of your spiritual needs…

Focal point guidance, loved one connections, deep soul guidance and / or healing direction. Multifaceted in many areas of metaphysics. Servicing the community for over 15yrs, connect with Majestic Magi today!

To get into contact with Majestic Magi, please select extension 2211.


New Age Ja

Janiece is a psychic astrologer, well versed and practiced over the last 10 years. She has trained professionally with some of the best astrologers in world, and looks forward to bringing you solutions and guidance based on your individual needs. Psychic channeling, tarot cards, human design and of course astrology are all a part of Janiece’s masterful tools and skillset.

To get into contact with New Age Ja, please select extension 1111.