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The Peace Dealer believes in the extraordinary power within each individual to manifest their reality, channel their intuition, and unlock their superpowers. With his expert guidance, tight community, and enchanting offerings, you have all of the tools you need to transcend limitations, explore the mystical realms, and create a life filled with magic, abundance, and soul lit purpose.

 Join us on this extraordinary journey and become the master of your own reality. Embrace the unconventional, ignite your intuition, and step into a world where anything is possible.

 Curated services just for you… that will begin your cosmic journey: 

Live Consultations
Immerse yourself in the energy of a live, personalized reading with expert intuitive astrologer, tarot master and manifestation guide 'The Peace Dealer'. Step into this sacred portal and embark on a highly personalized journey of self-discovery, witness the power of channeled intuition, and receive real-time guidance tailored to your unique experience. Uncover the hidden truths of your soul, make empowered decisions and navigate life's challenges with clarity and confidence. Discover the secrets of the cosmos, gain clarity, and unlock the power that you know lies within you. 
Recorded Reports
Select from an extensive range of recorded reports, expertly recorded uniquely to you and delivered by The Peace Dealer himself. Illuminate the mysteries of your life, and gain clarity like never before. The answers you seek are only the click of a button away!  The Peace Dealer's wealth of personally recorded reports await you.
Digital Astrology Courses and Downloads
Unleash the power of the stars from the comfort of your own home. Channel your own inner astrologer with our comprehensive suite of digital astrology courses. Learn the hidden secrets of the stars, understand cosmic influences and harness the power of astrology to create positive change in your life. Our digital courses are a treasure trove of evergreen knowledge, dive as deeply as you desire into the mystical realm and become the master of your destiny at your own pace. The Peace Dealer's wealth of digital astrology courses are designed to empower you with celestial knowledge that enables you to decode cosmic messages and harness the transformative energy of the universe. Expand your awareness and understanding of astrology, enhance your intuitive abilities, and manifest your desires with intention.
Team of Advisors
Discover a powerful collective of gifted, highly experienced mystics, hand-picked by The Peace Dealer, who are ready to guide you on your individual path. Connect with our talented team, who bring their unique expertise and accurate insights to The Peace Dealer's community, providing direct guidance, support, and enlightenment to all. Each advisor offers a deliciously different perspective and set of esoteric skills to fully support you on your journey. Our team of diverse and experienced advisors offer a range of specialties, including astrology, tarot, energy healing, and so much more. Choose the perfect advisor who resonates and receive guidance that speaks directly to your soul. 
Need immediate, real-time guidance? We are just a call or text away. Get direct access to The Peace Dealer and our team of advisors when you need them most with our convenient pay-per-call service - we are always here for you fam! Receive personalized assistance and find answers to your burning questions. With The Peace Dealer's pay-per-call and text service, you have direct access to your soul family, whether you seek a quick answer or a deeper exploration our team is here to support you on-demand, providing guidance and clarity whenever you need it the most. Experience the convenience of our text service, where you can receive divinely guided insights and affirmations directly to your phone every day. Stay connected to The Peace Dealer's wisdom, anytime, anywhere.