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"Science without spirituality is lifeless and dead. Spirituality without science is delusional and fallacious. Spirituality supported by science is alchemy or as some of you like to call it...quantum mechanics." -The Peace Dealer

About The Peace Dealer

The Peace Dealer is a cosmic counselor specializing in AstroPsychology . With over 8 years of experience, The Peace Dealer has personally conducted several thousand consultations from individuals around the world. Mystical Illuminations aims to promote truth, happiness, and personal growth; along with creating a greater awareness of spirituality. To bring people closer together for a greater perspective on unity.

LIVE Consultations

Live one-on-one via Skype or over the phone Astrology consultation with The Peace Dealer to discuss your astrology chart in detail. Unlimited Q&A!

Personal Astrologer

Book The Peace Dealer as your personal Astrologer! 3, 6, and 12 month plans available. Limited slots avilable. 

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