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October 15th, 2019 I initiated myself to channel celestial energy to align frequencies with the primordial Universal Life Force energy unlocking and drawing out the potential of any living thing to its greatest level. This self initiation consisted of directing sacred electric energy from deep space receptively with my left hand holding a clear quartz wand and channeling that energy to my sacral chakra with my right hand. This effectively activated the energy deep in my soul.


These tune ups while having healing properties are not healing sessions but rather frequency shifts allowing you to breakthrough to your greatest potential. I hold space for you to push to the max energy you already possess. Think of me as an infinite source of energy you can draw from to push you past your limits. I am merely facilitating the deeper and greater activation of the limitless power deep inside your soul. It’s truly you that does the rest.


Fire Sun/Moon (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Cosmic tune up will manifest enhanced clairvoyance, sharper focus in seeing visions, and increased energy output. Affinity to my Gemini sun will enhance your fire energy magically in order to exponentially shift your vibration higher. As air stokes fires flames and helps it burn larger a tune up session should leave you more energized. 

Water Sun/Moon (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Cosmic tune up will manifest deeper connection to Spirit, protection from negative vibrations, and exorcising of impure energy within. Quickens purification process of your energy. The affinity to my Capricorn moon will ground your vibration and remove excess anxiety however due to the electrical energy of my Gemini sun if you do not have earth energy to ground and filter the energy you may feel this tune up very sensitively and as such expect minor shocks and tremors as you integrate this cosmic attunement over the next few days. Out of all of the energy groups you will feel this tune up the most and deepest.

Air Sun/Moon (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Cosmic tune up will manifest enhanced cognitive function, enhanced claircognizance, and alignment of cosmic frequencies to Universe. Compared to other energy groups you will attune the fastest due to the direct connection to my Gemini sun energy. My Capricorn stellium will ground excess air energy decreasing anxiety. Unlike the water and fire energy groups you may not feel this tune up at all however it will greatly enhance your focus and help you think much quicker.

Earth Sun/Moon (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Cosmic tune up will manifest deeper connection to earth and greater analytical function. Affinity with my Capricorn moon will crystallize your energy and focus in an effort to strengthen your physical power. Your physiological senses will heighten as well as you exponentially evolve your manifestation ability. Similar to the air energy group you may not feel this tune up at all but this will still enhance completely your ability to manipulate time and the temporal realm.


What Exactly Is Done During A Tune Up Session?

In a 60 minute Cosmic Tune Up session with me I will blow magic electrical life force energy into your chakras. The magical nature of this life force energy allows the air I blow to shift from my space and teleport to your space with intent directly into your being. The session is broken down into the following parts:


Synchronization Process (5 Minutes): I begin by connecting with your energy as you breathe deeply in your diaphragm with me.

Earth Anchoring (5 Minutes): After you have synced with my energy I will then direct energy from the Earth directly up your root chakra.

Cosmic Attunement (5 Minutes): Once your energy field has been properly grounded I will then direct cosmic energy down your crown chakra. I will anchor each of the 8 planets on your crown chakra to filter the rest of the cosmic energy that will flow down your being.

Cosmic Tune Up (10 Minutes): I will proceed to begin the tune up process of breathing magical life force energy into your 7 chakras one by one starting from your crown and working my way down to your root. I will exhale 7 times into each one.

Cool Down (5 Minutes): After tune up session is finished we will once again breathe rhythmically down to our diaphragm and ground any excess energy down to the Earth concluding the ritual.

Follow Up (15 Minutes): I will share the notes that I compiled during our session and channel divine insight about where you came from before this, where you are now, and where you are headed. 

Reflection/Q&A (15 Minutes): As we close this session we will spend the remaining time reflecting on what you felt during the session and you can share any observations and questions that you may have.

How Does This Actually Work?

I utilize the power of my soul and transmute it into magic life force energy expressed through intent of the mind. As seen in my chart referenced above I draw up the supernatural power from Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn in my 8th house through my moon where it all fuels from signifying it coming from deep within my soul. I then convert this into magic life force energy through my 2nd House Gemini Sun which represents possession of magical energy that is manifested through my spirit directly. This activates through thought, spoken word, intent, and blowing literal air due to my Sun being in Gemini. Other such aspects like the quincunx my Sun makes to Pluto in Scorpio and also my moon's trine to Venus and Mercury are other influencing factors that allow such conversion of power into magic like so. The 8th house denotes other people's resources which also includes their energy which is how what I do is able to connect directly to the depth of other's characters (8th house Capricorn). As such the Capricorn element of this equation is what allows me to draw out your greatest potential where as the Gemini energy is the activating principle drawn up my 8th house energy.

Why Does This Actually Work?

Magic is the reason this actually works. I am purposely making sure I answer this as vaguely as possible as to not make you believe that you need a specific actual reason why me holding intent to tune you up actually tunes you up. I saved that explanation for the above question. As for why it is all purely magic. Magic is an ever present experience and a sentient conscious infinite essence that encompasses everything we experience. The understanding people have of magic misleading. Magic is you reading this right now just as much as it is a scientist utilizing the scientific method in order to prove wrong certain a hypothesis made. Everything is magical and if you do not believe in magic then do not order this service. This is purely intention based and me holding space with you allows our energies to connect and for me to tune up your energy to its greatest potential. 

Does This Have To Be Performed In Person Only?

This can be performed over the phone and also over webcam so you can see me doing this process. I will never expect you to just hold in faith that I have tuned up your energy over a distance without evidence that I actually have done this. This is why our sessions are directly one on one so that way you see and are present with me during this process. The main point of this session is to tune into your frequency which I am able to do as long as I can hear you. In that sense since I can hear your voice over the phone or can see you through webcam then that is just as potent as if I was physically in front of you. Being in person will not make this more or less potent than if I was over the phone with you. What will decrease effectiveness would be if we were not connected over the phone and I did this remotely on my own. It would still work but not nearly as powerful then when we are directly connected.  

Is This A Scam?

This is not a scam. Due to the low price point it is in every way a hook up and a way for me to provide this service to those who may not be able to afford the true price ($1000/hr and higher). Once again the tune up portion is 30 minutes and outside of light meditation and breathing exercises I will be literally blowing air into you in most cases through the phone or over webcam. That may honestly seem like a scam and I make sure to present it in an informal way as to bring up any doubts one may have considering how easy this process seems on the surface. I have explained above how this works scientifically based on the relationship to the stars and my bring as above, so below. If after the explanation and some deliberation you are still too skeptical and feel you should not do this then do not order this service until you are ready to take that next step and take your energy to the next level. I provided instructions above for what I do and if you wish you can do it yourself instead of booking time with me or find someone else with just as potent energy to do those same exact steps. I can understand if you or others may feel if this service is fraudulent but all I can do is assure you that it is indeed not only legitimate but purely magical. Your belief in that will not at all be in vain.

Am I Supposed To Feel This?

No you are not. That doesn't mean you won't feel it however. As mentioned in the energy guide, those who are fire and water dominant will most likely feel shifts in energy real time as I do this were as air and earth dominants may not feel it. This doesn't mean earth dominant energies will not feel anything but that is highly unlikely. Most of what we are doing involves shifting of energy at the cellular and sub atomic level and so if your level of receptivity to energy is not there (like it is for most Pisces moons who will almost always feel these sessions powerfully) then you shouldn't expect to feel anything. When you take pills to help deal with pain you don't really feel the effects of the release of the pill into your system immediately or at all and this operates in a similar principle. It is important that you don't see this as an energy healing but more as an energetic tune up that you can notice effects for within 3 days of receiving.

Is This Service Right For Me?

If you are seeking a definitive evolution and/or tuning up of your energy that will most definitely facilitate you stepping into your greatest potential then this is the service for you. It is not necessary but it will definitely give you that extra boost you may not have been aware you were looking for. This is especially what you want if you desire an acceleration of your current soul progress and internal journey.

How Frequently Should I Do This?

One time is really all you need. This is helpful whenever you feel you are off balance and would like to be tuned up. Preferably this would be best to do twice a month and no more than once a week. But if you can only do this once that is more than enough as it will help shift you in the right direction after just one use.


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Cosmic Energy Tune Up

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