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Cosmic Energy Tune Up

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Unlock your greatest potential!


In a 60 minute Cosmic Tune Up session with me I will blow magic electrical life force energy into your chakras. The magical nature of this life force energy allows the air I blow to shift from my space and teleport to your space with intent directly into your being. The session is broken down into the following parts:


  • Synchronization Process (5 Minutes): I begin by connecting with your energy as you breathe deeply in your diaphragm with me.

  • Earth Anchoring (5 Minutes): After you have synced with my energy I will then direct energy from the Earth directly up your root chakra.

  • Cosmic Attunement (5 Minutes): Once your energy field has been properly grounded I will then direct cosmic energy down your crown chakra. I will anchor each of the 8 planets on your crown chakra to filter the rest of the cosmic energy that will flow down your being.

  • Cosmic Tune Up (10 Minutes): I will proceed to begin the tune up process of breathing magical life force energy into your 7 chakras one by one starting from your crown and working my way down to your root. I will exhale 7 times into each one.

  • Cool Down (5 Minutes): After tune up session is finished we will once again breathe rhythmically down to our diaphragm and ground any excess energy down to the Earth concluding the ritual.

  • Tarot Card Follow Up (15 Minutes): I will pull a 3 card past, present, future card spread to give a snapshot of where you have come from, where you are, and where you are going. I will also pull one final card as a marker of where you are in your spiritual development and what to focus on as it pertains to the further evolution of your super powers.

  • Reflection/Q&A (15 Minutes): As we close this session we will spend the remaining time reflecting on what you felt during the session and you can share any observations and questions that you may have.

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