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Team of Advisors

Our diverse team of lightworkers are hand-picked by The Peace Dealer himself, and we are pleased to present this incredible team of advisors to you. Select from a wide variety of international astrologers, psychics, mediums, channelers, tarot and angel card readers, numerologists and healers. 

Connect with our talented team of mystic advisors who bring their unique expertise and powerful insights to The Peace Dealer's community, providing direct guidance, support and enlightenment to all. Each advisor offers a different perspective and toolkit to support you through whatever your individual journey may bring.

Our team of diverse and experienced advisors offer a wide range of specialties. Choose the perfectly aligned advisor who resonates with your unique journey, and receive guidance that speaks directly to your soul.



Aquarian Essence 




Chad The Maverick


Elizabeth Peregrina


Gaia Energy Wellness


Mysti Cali


New Age Ja


Nina Spirit Tour Guide


Pharaoh Nefertem




Stari Ari


Storm Dancer