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Valton Aliu

I am The Fiery Soldier - my name is Valton Aliu, and I am a 22 year old tarot card reader and spiritual therapist from Chicago. What up my soldiers!

I am here to provide epic services that give you clarity and guidance, heartfelt support and push you into a leap of faith. Not a leap of doubt! Discover your super powers, your beautiful gifts and take one step at a time to live your destined life!

I am simply reminding you of how BADASS you are, and to NEVER GIVE UP! While also having a little bit of fun, sharing my own personal experiences, opinions, beliefs and my journey... I hope my vulnerability strikes inspiration and a shock factor you can not resist to continue on your path! AND never forget we are all in this together!

You are a beautiful soul! You are a soldier! You are a Warrior! But remember to tap into the depths of your energy and superpowers, to uplift yourself into bliss to live your purpose and destiny!