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New Age Ja

New Age Ja is an occult spiritual practitioner and healer. Adept with the use of all clair's, she uses her clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairvoyance to receive and download channeled messages from, The Divine Creator and Source. Tools in her spiritual tool bag include, the tarot, astrology, human design and energy manipulation.  

New Age Ja, also known as Ja, was born June 28, 1990, a true Cancerian and Virgo Moon. She began her occult studies in 2008 after a shocking awakening that gave her recognition of her Angel Guides as well as a clairaudient connection to the Divine Source.  Prior to her awakening, Ja was raised as a Pentacostal Christian by her mother, with deep history stemming from dark magic and Santeria practices.

Following her individual Spiritual Journey , she started with the use of Telepathy, and the study of Chakra / Energy body clearing and healing. In the year 2013, she began her study and use of the Tarot, followed by the deeper introduction and study of Astrology in 2014.  

Moving forward, she immediately understood and grasped the use and application of Human Design, a Uranian and multi-layered occultic system. As the Cosmic Mother, and an actual mother of three, she is here to assist you on your spiritual journey, whether you are a vet or newly awakening. Stirring up your spiritual gifts and bringing illumination to all areas spiritual and metaphysical.