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Aquarian Essence

I am a Metaphysical Practitioner and I specialize as an Astrological
Consultant and Soul Coach. I have 15 plus years experience. I double
majored in Applied Behavioral Science and Sociology and I am a
specialized Life and Soul Coach in the areas of sexuality, couples,
relationships and self empowerment. I also mentor in the areas of the
occult and teach Astrology from basic to advanced. I have gained my
Astrological and educational skills and knowledge through hands-on

I implement diverse methods as an advocate for those who are seeking
assistance in gaining intellectual support and guidance into soul growth
which includes personal and social development. I am a firm believer in
knowing thyself and the different areas of self is the key to understanding
our own unique vibrations and unlocking our truest and highest potential.
A very big concept that I base my practice on is: The energy of the mind is
the essence of the soul. The more you seek to know, the higher your
vibration can go. Your Unique Essence is the key to fully illuminating your