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Storm Dancer


I am a seasoned Witch, mentor / teacher, and metaphysical practitioner with expertise in multiple areas. I am a Grey eclectic Witch with shamanistic beliefs and omnistic views. You could say I am a shadow witch to best describe my dealings with energies. Psychically I am an Empath, medium, energy worker, and have been gifted with Clairsentience, Claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. I offer multiple forms of divination and enjoy helping people identify obstacles and how to overcome them.

Additionally I am a magic worker / spell caster and love teaching people how to connect with and use the universes magical energy safely. I have been actively using and working with my abilities for 34 years now and have been practicing on my own for 27 years. I have been blessed to have wonderful mentors over the years and in such had unique opportunities to learn different forms of magical use and energy manipulation. I have a strong belief in not violating ones free will and being integral and ethical in any and all of my works. As a healer, educator, and divination specialist I am always respectful of individuals energies. Due to this I will not do a traditional third party reading without their consent, I will however read the energies that have been left by them around you. I feel third party readings for me are too much like reading a persons diary and thus unethical for me to do.

In addition to the above skill set I am also a mother, nurse, and craft worker, and spiritual life coach. I am an ordained minister and High Priestess, and aspiring author. I love crafting and especially love doing what I call soul art. These are pieces of art created that match your energy and soul signature. As a spiritual life coach I help you connect with your spiritual calling, guides, and support you in finding your way on your path. I work with people from all walks of life and all religious backgrounds. I help to teach acceptance and a non-judgmental way of thinking so that you are able to embrace your path without infringing on others who have different beliefs. Basically I help teach complete tolerance.