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Nina Spirit Tour Guide

A Haitian- American Medicine Woman, influenced by her West African and Taino/Arawak roots, trained by her Huichol teacher in Toltec Cosmology and Shamanism, founder of Crystal Sun Healing, DNA Crystal Reiki healer, leader of Sacred Ceremony, Andean Mesa Carrier, Herbalist, Ordained Minister, Former Waldorf School Teacher, Moon Dancer, Vocalist and Classically trained Musician, Certified Tantric Hatha Yoga teacher and loves to move energy! 

Nina is a teacher for those wanting to learn how to hone their abilities as healer, leader and guide. Having developed her own specific method and healing modality using light and elemental technology, based on principles of the Dao, tantra and other ancient occultic principles of which she has been initiated into for more than 25 years, She has created a beautiful formula. Additionally, you will learn the art of and practical application of the spiritual business, how to hold sacred space. Creating your own rituals and ceremonies, including the art of sacred Self defense all of this in an ethical non appropriative way.  

Nina is your cheerleader and guide to make sure you can identify what is and isn’t aligned for you, as we learn how to navigate the any worlds of which we dwell in.  When is it time for an energetic clearing from Nina? When you are ready to jump paradigms, or caught in a weird energetic snafu. Nina's work focuses on detoxing the mind, body and emotions, both energetically and physically. Nina helps people peel away layers of static, which fosters a stronger, clearer connection to one's Higher Self. After a second time of being struck by lightning, she learned about the spirit of Cacao and trained in the sacred facilitation of this medicine. Since then, her mission is to help spread a message of love and light while encouraging others to open their hearts to share their gifts with the world.